By: Muneeb Arshid

Trainwreck was a tale of two halves: whereas on one side you’ve got the highly comedic element of the first half of the movie with the second half of the movie turning into a romantic comedy with an emphasis on that romance. Now a movie which stars a big time comedian (in comic land at least) like Amy Schumer, would have no problem with the writing of the jokes and the eventual punchlines that are to be delivered. And the jokes are definitely delivered, however, only in the first half. And it certainly does feel like Amy was the one in charge of the movie. But by the time Bill Hader’s character Dr. Aaron Conners is developed, it is unmistakable that this is indeed Judd Apatow’s creation. For a movie that was supposed to be the hit comedy of the year, it is for the first part. But all in all, becomes a disappointment and a drag to get through by the end. The surprise of the movie was definitely LeBron James, showing that no task is too difficult for the King to complete, except of course winning a championship in Cleveland.