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August 2016

Laika proves they are the kings of stop-motion with Kubo and the Two Strings.

By: Muneeb Arshid

The last few years have produced many great animation flicks worthy of contention come awards season. You always have the contenders from Disney and Pixar, as well as films from the now-on-hiatus-but-possibly-defunct Studio Ghibli but also from some of the lesser known animation studios such as Laika. A relatively new studio, formed only in 2009 and founded by none other than Nike CEO Phil Knight, Laika has established themselves to be quite an adept animation studio that focuses solely on stop-motion animation. Continue reading “Laika proves they are the kings of stop-motion with Kubo and the Two Strings.”


The only wedding date that Dave needs is: ME.

By: Sahar Khan

Hello, fellow humans! Welcome to another Film Lawyers review! For this review, you have me, Sahar. I’m Samar’s Scottish sister (No, Scotland and England are not the same!) and I wanted to be a part of this whole ‘The Film Lawyers” phenomenon so it was only right that I took over and wrote my own review. Zac Efron is also the love of my life, so it only seemed fair that I was able to give my opinion (obviously not biased) about Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Continue reading “The only wedding date that Dave needs is: ME.”

Rustom review: 3 shots that impressed the heck out of me

By: Samar Khan

Rustom’s tagline reads as “3 shots that shocked a nation.” I’m here to unequivocally say that Rustom’s 3 shots also managed to impress the heck out of me. Continue reading “Rustom review: 3 shots that impressed the heck out of me”

Suicide Squad is a colossal​, yet unsurprising, disappointment

By: Muneeb Arshid & Samar Khan

Well, here we have it, the most anticipated film of the summer! Yeah, right. The latest addition to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) can easily be summed up by the title of this review. A colossal disappointment, but one that wasn’t wholly unexpected. This entire experiment from Warner Bros. to rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is seemingly turning into a disaster with their comic book universe.

Continue reading “Suicide Squad is a colossal​, yet unsurprising, disappointment”

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